Underwriters, brokers, clients and business partners:

One platform to bring them together, one application to manage it all.

What is it?

QuickAssure™ is a complete marine insurance management solution. Developed and hosted by World Assurance, QuickAssure™ is a 100% web based application designed to streamline the whole marine insurance process from policy issuance and placements to claims management and billing. Its hosted "in the cloud" approach allows for easy and swift deployment and adoption.

Why use it?

The marine industry is plagued with manual processes that make many of the administrative tasks both inefficient and costly. Accurate information is slow to collate and slower to reach the correct parties. QuickAssure™ is a collaborative, web-based solution with multi-user capabilities, so information, such as policy endorsements, rate changes, placements and claims, can be entered and accessed by the concerned parties immediately and from any location in the world. Because it is web-based, users need only an internet-ready computer and a browser to be in business. QuickAssure™ will allow you to better service your clients, reduce your administrative overhead, and have a full understanding of your exposure and profitability instantly and at any time.

Who would use it?

The simple answer is 'any marine professional responsible for managing marine insurance'. Whether you are a broker or an underwriting company, take a look at QuickAssure™ ; managing your marine insurance business couldn't be easier.

How can I use it?

Contact us and we will be happy to show you!