Integrate your systems, streamline your operations and connect with your clients.

A single platform that solves your integration challenges, providing data integration, Web services integration, and application-to-application and business-to-business integration

Streamline your marine insurance business process and collaborate with your partners and clients simply and effortlessly

Standards Based

Supports the latest standards in Web services integration

Can easily integrate with your ERP and accounting systems, and any other third- party, or legacy applications you may have

With QuickAssureâ„¢, your integration is sustained throughout our regular upgrades to the system, thus eliminating recurring endless system update costs

Client and Partner Integration

  • Integration with QuickAssureâ„¢ doesn't stop at the doorstep of your company, it extends into the companies of both your clients and business partners. Stand out by offering your business partners and clients the value added service that allows them to also benefit from streamlining integration capabilities.