Built from the ground up to be a global, enterprise solution

  • Optimised for small to large organizations

  • True no-nonsense enterprise solution, tried and tested technology that offers extreme performance, and outstanding scalability, reliability and security

Built on UNIX : Not just a pretty face

  • Industrial strength UNIX foundation hard at work to ensure that your computing experience remains free of system crashes and compromised performance

  • Built with advanced architecture

Always Available: So you can be there for your clients

  • High performance, reliable solution built with best of breed technology and equipment to ensure continuous and flawless operation at all times

  • Designed and maintained to be a resilient business-critical application

The Need For Speed

  • Built to scale up as usage traffic increases

  • Designed with high volume transactional needs in mind, takes into account all that is necessary to serve a large number of users who are simultaneously generating a large number of transactions

Network Security

  • The network is protected by high-end firewalls and monitored by intrusion detection systems from industry-leading security vendors

  • Expert team monitors and analyses firewall logs to proactively monitor our security configurations for changes, vulnerabilities, and errors and regularly conducts vulnerability threat assessments to make sure our systems are always up to date