The power, control and flexibility to efficiently serve the global market

  • Collaborative, multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities as well as dedicated portals for clients and business partners which streamline the process between business units and enables a single, cohesive unit

  • The advanced features and cutting-edge technology allows your company to significantly reduce the cost of managing processes, gain control over risk exposure, and acquire an up-to-date understanding of crucial factors affecting business growth and profitability

Sophisticated Policy Management without the complexity

  • Easily and efficiently manage all aspects of your policies, rates, restrictions and deductibles which define their scope for both shipment and storage transactions

  • The advanced policy management facility enables you not only to manage active policies, but also endorse them on the fly, either proactively or retroactively

One-stop shop for all policy documentation

  • With a click of a button a complete policy manuscript can be instantly generated directly from your browser, complete with all the required information, wording, conditions and rates

  • Store and distribute these documents electronically to your clients and business partners

The most advanced and easy to use rating and compliance engine

  • State of the art, real-time and intelligent expert system specifically designed to understand and process marine insurance transactions

  • Obtain total control over your risk, policy by policy and client by client, instantly and accurately

Automatic Certificate Issuance

  • The certificate issuance module allows your clients to issue electronic cargo certificates and print out hard copies to provide proof of insurance for all shipments booked on the system

Claims Management and Reporting

  • All parties involved can collaborate on an automated and easy to use platform to increase the speed and accuracy of claims processing. Users may submit and process claims for all your QuickAssure™ policies as well as those you still handle on paper.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Bundled with a variety of reports to meet your everyday needs, clients’ transactions, claims and financial information is accessible with just a click of a button

  • Reports are seamlessly accessible through your partner’s portal as well as your client’s portal

Enterprise billing

  • Equipped to handle all the financial and billing transactions for shipments, declarations and claims whether they are related to assureds, brokers or underwriters

  • Supports complex commission structures and profit-sharing agreements, automatic bill generation, and online payment integration and check issuance

Works well with others

  • Leverage your existing IT investments and integrate their data with the QuickAssure™ platform

  • Further increase productivity by linking them to QuickAssure™ to eliminate any potential double entry and errors that may arise from having multiple, independent systems

  • Integrate your own internal systems as well as achieve true cross enterprise workflow streamlining