About Us

World Assurance Inc. is an independent software company, created to provide the best management tools for the marine insurance industry. Tools that are accurate, reliable, dependable and above all, available when you need them. Tools that will remove the labor-intensity of managing your cargo policies and therefore allow you to better service your current and future business.

Our attitude is collaboration; combining our collective skills in the right manner allows us to provide you with the right solutions to help you manage, develop and grow your business. Our approach to the market is to provide excellent service both before and after implementation. Building client relationships in this manner is more like building partnerships.

Our attitude is independence. We are not associated with any single insurance underwriter or broker. We are therefore able to provide you with the market's most comprehensive and unbiased solutions.

Our attitude is fair-pricing. Our platform allows you to make use of a fair-priced electronic cargo policy management software that was once only available to those companies with the very large IT budgets.

Introducing QuickAssure™ an easy to use, secure, reliable and available software solution for cargo insurance brokers and underwriters alike, at a reasonable price. Delivered through a collaborative effort; one which will continue in order to maintain its high level of excellence, and remain the cutting edge solution.